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Higher profits while enhancing your guest’s experience!

Your guests come to your restaurant  to enjoy your food and beverage creations of superior quality. Why make them settle for the same nondescript beverages that everyone else offers?



Handcrafted Beverages” makes it easy for you to serve your own, high quality, handcrafted beverages with lower cost and higher profits than the national brands. Your guests are coming to your restaurant for your creative food and  beverages of superior quality; not products available at the dollar store, the vending machine and any supermarket.

The micro-brewery movement has proven that niche markets can be the most profitable of small businesses. The best way to compete with the national chains is by being able to stand out in the crowd with great, individualized products and services.

Phone: 317.735.6535

Email: handcraftedbeverages@yahoo.com

Web: www.handcraftedbeverages.com

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